Bite me!

Weekend already gone..too fast. Worked last Saturday and stayed behind to get our new Recyclers ready for conversion. Of course, as luck has it, it was not as straight forward as on would think. Ended up there for over 2 hours extra.

Went home, started cooking my Rack Of Lambs that I bought which I was gong to expertly prepare and devourer. Well, I undercooked them, had to put them in the Microwave and it just was not the same.

As I was already in a bad mood from work, this put me over the top. You can imagine, me, the perfectionist, raw lamb. I felt like throwing the whole thing in the garbage. BUT, after a couple of glasses of excellent wine, I saw the light ( and after my husband told me it’s not the end of the world.

Why do women, ( I ) take open so much? Couldn’t I have put the racks in the freezer and go out for dam dinner since I came home 2 hours late. NO, not me..what is wrong with me?  Lately I am at the point I really question so many things. Maybe it’s the Progesterone I am on?  It seems to be making me more emotional.  Or maybe it’s just my dam job.  Sometimes I think I will break under the pressure, but then the next day everything is ok again.  Must be hormones.

Tomorrow is Halloween and we’re dressing up at work.  I am going as a Vampire…how fitting..I just want to bite everyone. LOL.


Willful Blindness

Ever find yourself turning a blind eye? Not hard to do if you fear conflict, being singled out, not being part of what everyone else is doing, or even afraid of what the future would hold if you don’t turn that blind eye.

I am currently ready the book by Margaret Heffernan, ” Wilful Blindness” and I am astonished at the amount of wilful blindness is practiced and all the various reasons for this harmful behaviour.

I have always been accused of being too tenacious, some call me a “pain in the butt”. And yet this has gained me a lot of respect from people and has given me a reputation for addressing issues that most people are afarid to even whisper.

What are we all afraid off? Being fired, being poor, no friends? The truth will set you free, and those who don’t want to hear the truth are not worth your time.

Be kind, be generous and speak the truth. If we would all follow this simple advise, our word would not be so full of greed and fraud.




Hello world!

At school all day yesterday, my Saturday off…mmh…on my day off. Work like a dog all week long and then try to cram more things into my head. Aren’t human being interesting? I often wonder we ( I ) strive to better myself all the time. I work at honing all my skills, my intelligence, my personality and I want, no, I NEED to know more all the time. Why I ask? One day I will DIE. Where does all this knowledge go to? How will it benefit me then? Do I get to go to a better place if I lived life seeking wisdom?

I don’t know..but..meanwhile I FEEL I am more successful, I have a bit more money because I get better jobs, I can travel, see the world and enjoy all its abundance.

So what really is our life’s purpose?  Human kind did not make any changes in the first 7000 years of when we started counting the years.  As a mater of fact, humans used the same simple tools to create things.  Now, 7 MONTHs later, the tools we used then is already obsolete.  Why are we so much smarter now?  Maybe Aliens from much more advanced planets have co-mingled with us?  Anything is possible.  LOL

Well, back to simpler thoughts.  Last night my lovely husband made reservations at the Old Surrey Restaurant.  They have been there for about 40 years serving up Fine Dining. Fine dining indeed.  Our meals, the wine and the ambience provided us much pleasure. So maybe that is what life is all about..PLEASURE!  Cheers!!