Mind control

Today I read my daily message from the “Secret”.  It said that my own happiness is my own responsibility.  Think about it, it’s true.  We cannot place the buren on someone else to make us feel happy.  That does not mean that people in out lives don’t play a role in contibuting to our happiness, or for that matter, our misery.  BUT, ity is our CHOICE to attract GOOD people or to attract those lousy, good for nothing, make us feel shitty about ourselves people.  So you have the choice. Go out there with good thoughts, positive intentions, a positive image of yourself, happy thoughts, and you WILL attract a good man, a good woman, a good friend, a good boss.  Think the oppposite, and you will find the opposite.

We all have a destiny. When we arrive, we don’t know and have no control over.  HOW we arrive, we have TOTAL control. I, you, we have the power to sit in front of that stearing wheel and drive our journey.  So when are you going to start being in control of what you think?


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